Eddie Sutherland

Arbor Oaks Walk
Close Friends
Lonely Sentinel

About the artist

Growing up in the small southwest Texas town of Uvalde gave Eddie Sutherland a real appreciation for the life of rural country life in the semi-arid southwest.  He was always fascinated with the homes, building and tools that people used to make a living ranching and raising livestock.  During his upbringing he knew he was fascinated with the barns, pens, pickups and tractors used to work on ranches.  Since his father ran service stations he is interested in subjects like old gas pumps, old cars and pickup trucks, and other related equipment. The graying of the cedar fence posts, old gray wood on the barns, the rusting barbed wire, and tin roofs and dry leather of saddles were things he often enjoyed seeing.  He also enjoyed being around the livestock.  Later he realized that as an artist he could use it to capture these and other subjects.    

Public schools in Uvalde did not have art curriculum in public schools but developed an interest in art, so he attended Art School at the University of Houston for one year. But Vietnam was active in 1966 and he joined the Navy and became a Hospital Corpsman so his art was put on hold but he did a lot of drawing.  

During the 1980’s I continued to produce pen & ink drawings of whatever got my attention, including wildlife.  Then I discovered watercolor and how well it could render the subjects I found that interested me.   The subjects now include anything that interests me but I still primarily focus on subjects found in small towns and the rural central and south Texas countryside.  After college my “day job” as an environmental specialist became dominant and art took a back seat to my work. 

In 2010, I again took up my pencils, pens and brushes and got back to my passion with art.  Watercolors combined with pen & ink and other media because they allow for rich textures and colors I find to produce realistic subjects.  While watercolor is my favored medium to use in various ways to paint whatever subjects I like, I often mix watercolor with pastels or acrylic paint.  Primarily, I still like to paint subjects of rural Texas and small towns as my own way of documenting places that are slowly disappearing.  In addition, I sometimes paint scenes of Vietnam in 1968, from reference photos I took when I was served with the marines as a medic.  

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