Paula Robertson-Rose

Heart of a Rose
Eye of the Rose

About the artist

I am an active member of three art organizations in Austin: Capitol Art Society, Waterloo Watercolor Group, and the 620 Group.  I specialize in watercolor and particularly enjoy painting travel scenes, boats, reflections, food, and flowers.  

Being a professor of English at Austin Community College, I do not have an academic training in art, but I grew up in a family of artists (father, grandmother, and a relative whose first name I share) in a house whose walls were covered with paintings.  There were even a few on the doors.

William Wordsworth famously commented that “poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.”  Similarly, for some, painting can be an act of contemplation that takes place after the initial moment or experience. One can stretch out these moments while painting a scene, savor, and enjoy them. 

Painting is a process of trying not just to present a scene but to capture the emotions it evoked in the painter. In many of my paintings, I attempt to express a love of beauty and color, particularly of colorful gardens, buildings, fishing boats, and reflections in water.

It is a great pleasure to allow the water and the colors, as they mix of their own volition, help one with the emerging design of the painting.

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