Wendy Layne


About the artist

Wendy Layne didn’t begin her art career until September of 2014 after her children were almost grown. The more she painted the more her passion grew. By the fall of 2016 she left her job in Information Technology to pursue art as a career. 

Although Wendy started her artistic journey using colored pencils she has combined her drawing skills with her natural ability to see color and has been creating artwork in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, casein, watercolor and pastel. She enjoys the way each medium allows her to depict her subjects in very unique ways. The majority of Wendy’s art depicts portraits of people from all walks of life using reference photos she has taken from her trips to countries around the world. She describes her goal as an attempt to convey the many stories that are revealed through the lines and crevices of the face of her subject or perhaps just the sparkle of the individuals eyes. 

As an award winning artist, Wendy’s art has been exhibited across the country as well as being included in books and magazines. She spends most of her time in her studio creating but she is also actively engaged in teaching workshops both in person throughout the country and through streaming workshops online including how to draw realistic portraits in colored pencil. Her workshops are sponsored by Faber Castell and Legion Paper

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