Supriya Kharod

Bend in the Rio Grande
Coffee and Some Love Served Here
Sunrise of Seven Colors

Supriya has been painting, exhibiting, and selling her work professionally since 2017. She explores and experiments exclusively in the medium of watercolor—often thought of as the underdog of painting mediums. Her painting themes are derived from her Indian heritage, excursions around the world, and everyday life in the “weird” city of Austin, TX.

Inspired by the color field painters of the mid-20th century, the titans of watercolor, and her own graphic design background, Supriya paints in a very visceral style she calls ‘Contemporary-Retro.’ She blends impressionism with large shapes, unusual colors, and a graphic sensibility to create non-traditional watercolor paintings that have a touch of nostalgia and a feel-good vibe.

In 2021, Supriya published her first book Reflections on Art, Life, and Italy, which features her paintings and sketches of Italy, along with reflections on her art process and on life. In addition to her painting, Supriya serves on the City of Sunset Valley’s Arts Commission. Her Austin-themed prints are carried by Prima Dora (S. Congress) and Prima Dora, Georgetown.

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