Russ Brownlow

Chief Iron Shell
Chief Weasel Tail
Jack Rabbit

I’m a professional archeologist in the Austin area with over 30 years of experience providing cultural resources compliance for state and federally permitted undertakings. My love of archeology has obviously inspired by paintings and designs, with most depicting Native Americans, artifacts, and the wildlife often encountered while in the field.  My first 2 initials are R and K, so my online screen name has been R-K-Ologist for many years. Combining this with my art endeavor led me to name my art studio aRt-K-Ology Studio.

I currently use a "dot" technique on my pieces, similar to Australian Aboriginal artwork, that make them different from traditional brush-stroke paintings. All of my pieces are acrylic on large canvases, so they often take a month or more to complete.  Once complete, I often have large, framed prints made on both canvas and metal.

While I have actively painted for several years, I have just begun to exhibit my work and to participate in various art shows and markets.  Most recently, one of my Native American pieces was selected as

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